Military Watches

Most of us adore military watches. Because of the rigours of army life, quite strict specifications were put and those timepieces are dependable, solid bits. But there's something infinetly more concerning these. As a portion of a former lifetime, it's easy to let our imaginations run wild by everything the militare watch was through.
If you're among people that basks in the nostalgia of some period of usefulness, where the intention of a wristwatch was pure, then you're at the ideal location. It would appear that the honesty of this layout is something we could connect to, and therefore it commands respect.
Maybe it's the vicarious character of those objects that tickles our fancy, permitting us to step in the wrist, so to speak, of people who wore them . After all, is not our pick of watch, frequently, just a manifestation of how we view ourselves?

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